Monday, March 19, 2012

Proud Mommy

About 2 weeks ago, I overheard Brady in his room, he was looking at a few small books that we had read to him since he was a baby. I knew that he was very familiar with these books as I myself had memorized them word for word. It wasn't until I listened closer, that I realized he seemed to be reading every word on the page. I listened for a minute and then he quit and I got occupied with something else. A few days later, Brady picked up another book and started in right away. I listened from the other room and heard him actually sounding out the words that he didn't know. The next day we had our weekly trip to story time at the library. We picked out a few books to bring home with us. When we got home we sat down and he proceeded to read the entire book to me. Every mom has those moments when they become very proud of their child. For me this is one of those times.

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The Triplett Family said...

Awesome! Way to go Brady. I still remember the first time I realized I could read. Such an empowering moment.