Saturday, November 2, 2013

Keep on going

That's seems to be my motto anymore "keep on going".  I find that if I stop and sit anytime during the day, I will probably catch myself falling asleep. I spend a lot of time volunteering at the school.  I absolutely love the time I spend there. Brady finished his first season of soccer, he did fairly well and would like to play again in the spring. He is enjoying the first grade and we really like his teacher. She is very sweet, and  really enjoys the kids in her class. This is her first year teaching in the US and we are blessed to have her.  
The past week has been spent on Halloween activities.   We had our annual Math Night at the school, than the following Sunday trick or treat and than on Tuesday we walked in the local Halloween parade!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Yes "UGH" is what I say/think every time I think about this blog.  Life is crazy!  So since the last post it seems that we have just been so busy and haven't stopped yet.  We had a great end of the school year, and kicked off the summer with my brother's wedding to an amazing women.  Brady and I spent the majority of our time during the summer at the local park.  They had some great free activities. We did a fitness class, Zumba, Magic class and Martial Arts.  The classes were all fun and we met some great new friends.  At the end of July we spent some time at Lake Erie for a few days.  This week we have been just getting things ready for school next week. We actually spent the day today volunteering at the school and helping our new amazing teachers get settled.   Brady is excited to start back to school and seems to like his new teacher!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another Month

Yes, January is gone!  I'm so thankful because that means we are one month closer to warmer temps.   January was a pretty uneventful month.  No major weather, no big events at school. Brady did start playing Upwards Basketball.  He seems to enjoy himself and I am grateful to the man that volunteered to teach nine 5-6 year olds how to play basketball!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wrapping up 2012

Life has been so busy. I'm starting to see a trend with my blog, I seem to be posting a summary post each month.  Since my last post we had Mexico Lindo night at Brady's school, celebrated Thanksgiving, got our Christmas tree, got the flu, recovered from the flu, enjoyed a wonderful Christmas concert at the school and celebrated Christmas.  Shew... That's a lot to do in just a few weeks!  Here are a few pictures.

Mexico Lindo Night

Cutting down the Christmas tree

Christmas program at school.  One of the best elementary programs I have ever been too.

Christmas morning.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Today my favorite little man turned six today! Wow, where did the time go!?  It has been so much fun watching him grow up, and now that he is in school it's a whole new adventure for us.  This week has been a busy week (like most lately).  We started Sunday night off with a birthday party for my mom and Brady.  On Wednesday night we celebrated my brother-n-law and Brady's b-days.  Today was filled with fun and a few first.  Brady celebrated his first birthday with classmates.  Then he had a friend come home with him after school for the first time (also a first for this friend).  We spent about 2 hours at Chuck E Cheese, had dessert at Menchies!!  Brady's friend was invited to stay all night (a first for both of them).  This little boy wasn't to sure if he wanted to, so we told him that after we had our fun we would stop by his house. If he wanted to stay he could get his bag, give mom and dad a hug and we would leave or he could just say good bye to us and we come home with out him! Well I think everyone was a little shocked (especially his mom and dad) when he walked in the house, dropped off his school stuff and than picked up his sleeping bag and headed towards the door!  It' is now 10:04, and I hear no noise coming from the room. They were in bed at 9 and I only had to go up there twice. Hoping we have a nice peaceful night!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Fun!

It's November already!!  Wow, were did October go?  We have been pretty busy with just every day life.
Brady is loving school.  The teachers are awesome and Brady is picking up the Spanish like a pro. On Tuesday the 23rd he walked in the city Halloween parade with his school.  That Sunday we had our neighborhood trick or treat in the rain and cold. Just this past Tuesday the school hosted a family Math Night! Instead of Halloween parties during the school day, the school puts on a Math night. The kids are encouraged to dress in their costumes and they go around to different tables that have math activities. Brady had tons of fun hanging out with his friends.
Walking in the parade.
The Pirate!
Drawing out a pumpkin based on certain questions about his family.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

The day finally came. My little boy started kindergarten yesterday. Brady had been looking forward to going and was dressed and ready to go long before we needed to leave. Finally the time came and we set out. He wanted to walk but considering the huge amount of school supplies we had to take with us, we ended up driving.  Brady was all smiles as he walked into his classroom. He quickly found his desk and his teacher SeƱora Segura helped him find the hook for his backpack.  We really love his teacher! She is so nice and you can already tell that she really loves her "kids".  No tears from this mommy though!  I was excited for him to start this new chapter in his life. I know he is going to do great in school and that he is going to enjoy every moment of it.