Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Deal!

I'm really not one to shop for myself. Take a look at my current tennis shoes for example and you will notice that they are pretty worn and no tread left. I've known for a while that they were ready to be replaced but just didn't take the time to find a new pair for myself. About a year ago when I purchased my current shoes, I had tried a certain pair of shoes on but just couldn't talk myself into spending $70 dollars for them. On Friday Brady and I were out shopping and I took the opportunity to look for some new shoes. I noticed a clearance rack of shoes and was shocked when I saw 2 pair of tennis shoes in my size. I was even more shocked when I saw that one pair was almost the exact same $70 shoe I tried on a year ago, the other pair not a brand I had worn before but heard they were great for working out. I quickly grabbed both boxes and found a spot to try them on. Both pair fit perfectly!! I looked at the price of each pair,they were marked $24.99 and $29.99. Great deal right? I mean I could get them both for less than one pair not on clearance. I looked up at the clearance rack again and noticed that there was a small yellow sign that stated "save an extra 30%". Now, I assumed this was already figured into the price on each box, but I thought I would ask the associate that just walked by just in case. The associate looked at me and smiled and than sighed. She than explained that someone had signed the shoe dept. wrong and that 30% off sign should not be there. She than told me that she would give me that price since I saw the sign and asked about it!!!! I'm sure at this point I was smiling from ear to ear. I ended up getting both pair of shoes (New Balance and Sketcher Tone Ups) for $41!!!! Now that is a great deal!!!

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MommyP said...

Sweet!! I love when that happens, LOL!