Thursday, July 14, 2011

So bad...

I'm so bad at keeping this blog it's pathetic.  I've never been one to write so I'm not sure what made me think I would keep up with a blog. I honestly don't even remember keeping a diary as a little girl.

Well 6 months has past since my last post. YIKES!  We have been keeping busy and enjoying the summer.  I have a hard time coping with the fact that it is mid-July already.  Brady and I visited Jo-Ann Fabrics today and were greeted as we walked through the door to aisles of dorm room decor and are you ready for this?....  Harvest decor as well.  This however made Brady very happy.  For some reason he has always had a thing for scarecrows.  I'm not sure where this obsession came from, as I would think most kids might be a little uneasy of a face on a stick.   We escaped the store with just a some crochet hooks and a pack of sweet-tarts   I have a feeling though that one really cute scarecrow will make it home with us in the next month or two though.  

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The Triplett Family said...

I was in JoAnn's today as well and saw some really cute Harvest stuff I'd love to own. I can't believe they have it out already but craft stores are always months ahead on holidays. The nice part is once that holiday actually rolls around all the stuff is like 50% or more off. lol. Anyway, glad you wrote. I was wondering if you'd given up the blog. :)